Howard Tech Makes First Acquisition

Howard Tech Advisors Acquires Micro Performance
MPI Acquisition

In October of 2016, Howard Tech Advisors completed its first acquisition, by merging Micro Performance Inc. (MPI) into its operations. MPI has been serving business clients in the greater Annapolis area for more than twenty years, and has built a strong reputation for excellent customer service. Ron Shurie, President of MPI, joins Howard Tech as team leader. Ron will continue to focus on his clients and business relationships.

“Howard Tech Advisors has deeper resources than we had at MPI. This will allow us to serve large clients and execute on more complex projects than we have previously. Everyone has been very welcoming, and the team and I are excited to work with Howard Tech to serve clients better,” said Ron.

Ananta Hejeebu, Managing Partner of Howard Tech said, “We’re excited to expand our service offering and geographic focus to serve the marketplace. Ron’s loyalty and commitment to service, aligns extremely well with our focus on building community. It’s a great fit, and we’re excited to grow together.”

Howard Tech Advisors has absorbed more than 90 MPI clients and will offer the same level of services, products and pricing for their clients for a period of time. Ultimately, these clients will be migrated into standard Howard Tech solutions where possible.