Giving Back to Our Community: March 2017

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We all have causes, organizations, events, hobbies, or talents that we are passionate about. At Howard Tech Advisors it’s no different. We are proud to share the inspiring stories of our team members and what motivates them to build community. This month, Seth Gersuk shares his love for cycling and how one group, Adventures For the Cure, are using their passion of the sport to support Kupenda for the Children and FOD Family Support Group.

Everesting Ilchester Hill, Ellicott City

by Seth Gersuk

The local cycling group, Adventures For the Cure,  have decided to dedicate a single day to climb the height (8,848m) of Mt. Everest on bikes. On April 1st, twelve cyclists from AFC will ride Illchester Hill in Ellicott City. This will be the first time this has been attempted using Ilchester Hill as far as we know, and definitely not an easy task.

The History of Everesting

The art of “Everesting,” has been around for the past 20 years. In fact, the first cyclist to successfully complete the Everesting challenge was George Mallory, Jr. He is the great grandson of the British mountaineer George Mallory, a member of the first group of climbers to attempt Mt. Everest in 1924 but disappeared.

In the early 90’s, George Jr. began training for an expedition to climb the North Ridge of Mt. Everest. To train, he decided to cycle the vertical height of Mt. Everest on Melbourne’s Mt. Donna Buang. To do so, George would have to cycle up Mt. Donna Buang 8 times. His first time reaching the summit of Donna Buang, his legs gave way. It took nearly a year of training. He documented his training and some of his story was published on Cycling Tips. To cut to the chase, he completed it successfully in October 1995 in 17 hours. He also went on to climb the North Ridge of Everest but he told a friend that cycling the “Everest of Melbourne” was much more difficult.

After George Jr.’s Everesting challenge, nobody recorded completing it again until 2006. The next wasn’t until 2012.

Everesting in Ellicott City

To complete the Everesting challenge on Ilchester Hill, it will take 88 reps to climb the height of Mt. Everest – 8,848m in case you forgot. I took a ride with one of the Everesting challengers of Adventures Strava Map of Ilchester Hillfor the Cure, Adam Driscoll. He invited me to join him on some practice runs and during this time my worries began to dissolve.

I brought a single speed mountain bike with clip-in pedals, which he let me borrow. The mountain bike made my ride a bit more daunting than if I had been on a trim road bike like Adam.  This was also my lunch break run and I had forgotten my cycling shoes. But this was a rare occasion, so I rode in work shoes. This was definitely not an ideal scenario but this bike has history. It has been lent to many riders and taken through the wringer on new adventures. I wanted to add another tick mark to its history!

While riding next to Adam I could tell he was barely struggling. With his 50 RPM cadence, he was generating about 320 to 400 watts per pedal stroke and not even breathing heavily. Meanwhile I was struggling to keep pace and nearly hitting my breaking point trying to keep up.  After riding with him for 4 repeats, I know he will have what it takes to do the 87 to 88 reps required to climb the height of Mt. Everest!

My Everesting History

A long, long time ago, in what seems like a different lifetime to me today, I was a very fit athlete, almost at the national level, and, although I wasn’t on a bike at the time, I tried something similar on foot.  Running 20 miles at a time was like a walk in the park to me.  I could run endlessly, only stopping because of a lack of time, commitments or better things to do.  Naturally, when someone challenged me to this task I accepted. I decided to see how many repeats I could complete before I couldn’t do any more.

The first 10 went off without a hitch.  It was a beautiful day with amazing weather and I saw 5 or so cyclists during these 10 reps, always passing them up the hill. One even stopped me to remark that he tried to keep pace with me but could not. He asked how I was able to run up the hill so fast. Around the 15th rep the fatigue started to kick in.  By the 20th I could barely make it up the hill, so I decided to call it.  When I got home that afternoon I literally had to crawl up the stairs because my quads were so burnt out!

Given the above, when I found out about Adam’s endeavor I warned the members who have committed to the entire task, gave suggestions for training, told my backstory. However, after riding with Adam that afternoon and a few more times over the past couple of weeks, I am looking forward to April 1st. This is a task that 99.9% of athletes could never dream of being able to accomplish, and even among them, even less truly are capable of even understanding the amount of physical demand that is required.

Support Adam’s Everesting Challenge and AFC

Howard Tech Advisors is matching donations made by HTA employees. If you would like to witness the Everesting challenge on April 1st, it is open for anyone and everyone to attend. It will start at 6 a.m. and expected to take 12+ hours. Here is a link to the Strava site so you can see the map of Ilchester Hill. Parking is limited in this part of Patapsco State Park. Hope to see you on April 1st and no, this is not an April Fools’ joke (that I know of)!


Check out this video from the successful Everesting event on April 1st here.