Festive Sharing: 12 Days of Apps

In the spirit of the holiday season and new year, we created our own count down with our festive ‘12 Days of Apps’. The team at Howard Tech has some app favorites they use regularly and some newer ones you can explore. Feel free to weigh in or share your favorite go to App. Here’s what our team had to share. 

On the 1st day of Apps, Paul shares a favorite:

  • For the baseball and sports fans, Gamechanger is a lifeline to get updates on your child’s team games. A coach or parent typically administers it for the team. Includes scorekeeping, advanced statistics, team management tools and live game updates. A good way to be able to ‘watch’ the game if you can’t attend in person. You can also have relatives sign up to keep up with the team games and scores. Free and paid versions available.

On the 2nd day of Apps, John K. shares his navigation tool of choice:

  • GoogleMaps – Get from here to there with navigation help. Provides satellite and local road imagery along with drive or walk time. With so many choices, John uses this mapping app daily to get directions to his client’s locations.

On the 3rd day of Apps, John L. survived his Italy travels with this one:

  • Duolingo – A free language trainer with lots of options. Includes a language-learning website and app, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment exam. As of October 2018, the language-learning website and app offer 81 different language courses across 37 languages.
  • John used it for six months before traveling to Italy. During his travels, he got off on the wrong train stop in a non-tourist, non-English speaking, town. Since it was the last train of the day, he was able to ask what time the next one was, find a taxi, and get a room for the night. He credits this to using Duolingo to learn the language prior to his trip.

On the 4thday of Apps, Matt H. enjoys relaxing in the evenings catching up on different television shows. This app helps him do this easily.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop – Use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops. The app helps you be productive no matter where you are. Matt has this set up so he can use his phone in bed to control his PC. His PC is attached to his TV (via HDMI) to watch streaming television shows that aren’t able to be queued up if his laptop is downstairs.

On the 5th day of Apps, Logan, really enjoys having this app ready for hiking and exploring trails.

  • AllTrails help people explore the outdoors with hand-curated trail maps along with photos, reviews, and user recordings crowdsourced from a community of 9 million registered hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners in 102 countries. Logan likes that the record feature allows you to track your progress on a trail and records mph, distance, elevation, calories burned, and other stuff, plus it helps you from getting lost!

On the 6thday of Apps a favorite one for both Patrick and Kristin is:

  • Life360, a location-based service designed to allow friends or family members to share their location with each other and communicate with each other. You can invite family members to your group/circle to participate and designate home, school and work sites.
  • Patrick says it’s a great way for his family to stay connected and gives him alerts on where his daughters are along with driving reports. Kristin uses the free version and likes being able to know (or ‘track’) where family members are to know when to leave to pick them up or their estimated arrival home to start dinner. 

On the 7th day of Apps, our Technical Account Manager, Josh shares his go-to app for photo editing. 

One of the pictures Josh enhanced using the app.
  • Snapseed is a Google app with powerful photo-editing filters you can use on your smartphone or tablet. It’s a free app available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Take pictures on your mobile device, apply Snapseed’s filters, and share them on social media platforms. It gives you more control than Instagram and best of all is the amount of control it gives you over how filters and effects are applied to your images. You can see one of the photos Josh took and enhanced using the app.

On the 8th day of Apps, David wants everyone to be ready for any change in the weather. His favorite go to weather app is:  

  • Dark Sky is a weather app that markets itself as an accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With detailed forecasts, weather maps, and alert notifications, David can know what jacket to wear or if he should pack an umbrella.  

On the 9th day of Apps, our Senior Project Engineer, Jason H. recommends this app he uses daily:

  • Alarm.com allows you to control your whole home from a single screen and to stay connected to your home or business from anywhere. Jason uses this security system/smart-home service to manage and monitor his home security system, cameras, garage door openers and thermostats all in a single app.

On the 10th day of Apps, a recommendation by our team is this app, Teams, a hub for team collaboration.

  • The Microsoft Teams app allows users to access Teams on the go. Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. Office 365, Microsoft Teams has lots of ways to communicate and chat with colleagues, share files, and create a project team with different members.
  • Howard Tech is using this software more every day internally. We continue to learn more tips and tricks as we familiarize ourselves with the tool. The app makes it even easier to access and communicate with each other – from work or while out at client locations.

On the 11thday of Apps, we had fun checking out some of Mike favorite apps. Here’s a really handy one:

  • Measure uses augmented reality (AR) to measure lines using only the back camera of your iPhone. In a pinch, this apps works if you find yourself without a tape measure near you. Available for iOS devices, it can only measure straight lines, and since it uses the back camera, good lighting allows for better results. Mike appreciates having this app available when visiting clients and needing quick measurements.

On the 12thday of Apps, Dylan shares an app he uses everyday during his commute to and from work.

  • Podcast Addict allows a user to manage podcasts and videos, among other things, in a single app. It offers automatic updates and downloads and you can resume from where you left so that you don’t have to start seeking where you were every time after closing the app. It’s available on Android platform but similar apps are out there for iOS as well. Dylan downloads his favorite podcasts to enjoy on his ride to and from work. 

And a bonus App that’s a fun favorite for Celeste:

  • Candy Crush is one of Celeste’s ‘love/hate’ relationship apps. While it’s fun to play, it’s addicting, and she’s invested a lot of time and money with in app purchases. We all have our game apps to escape and play for a bit – just use caution when adding money into games.  Tech term: Bait App is used for apps or programs that are free to download, but encourage users to make “in-app” purchases in order to enhance the experience, unlock extra features, extend the playing time, etc.

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