Save Space on Your Favorites Bar

If you have a lot of favorite sites that you like to bookmark, your real estate below the address bar is limited. With Favicons you no longer need to save the entire web address, description or even the name of the site.

What is a Favicon?

A Favicon is a shortcut icon for a company, brand, and/or website. If you visit a site regularly, it makes sense to bookmark the site. If you visit lots of sites regularly, your Favorites bar can fill up fast and mostly with a lot of words that you don’t necessarily need. Instead, you should use Favicons to save you space on your favorites menu.

How do I use a Favicon?

If a website you are visiting has a Favicon, it should automatically appear when you bookmark it. Simply delete the link name and description and the Favicon will show up in your Favorites bar.

Should my company have a Favicon?

If you encourage folks to go to your website, for services, products, information, etc., you should consider having a Favicon. Here is a helpful article on how to begin to create one.


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