Meet Tina: Our Humble Office Manager

Tina joined the Howard Tech Team in early 2018, and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in accounting, HR, serving our community, and team leadership skills! Tina is an avid supporter of local farmers markets and starts each day with yoga. Learn more about Tina here.

Q: What is the most exciting part of your job?

A: “Office Manager” is a combination of financial management, HR, and administration so that’s exciting! There’s something new each day, so I’m always learning and my role is always evolving. I love my teammates!

What causes are you passionate about?

I enjoy supporting local farmers markets. I was a Girl Scouts leader for 13 years. I have been an organic gardener for many years, as well.

What are some of your favorite authors or books?

I read a lot! I have favorite authors and like to read everything they write. My favorite genre is crime thriller and some of my favorite authors are Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, David Baldacci, James Rollins, James Grippando, and of course, Dan Brown. I also love Baltimore’s favorite son John Waters. His recent book, Carsick, was laugh out loud funny. I own a signed edition.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Write a novel.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Pay off my mortgage.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

Claire Randall in the Outlander book and film series. Time traveling would be so fun!

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

Well, loss is always a gain eventually. Last year, I lost my job but found a new one here at HTA. It was a valuable lesson to be reminded that I can achieve anything I want.

What is something you’ve learned recently?

Since I started here at Howard Tech a few months ago, I’ve already learned ConnectWise, ConnectBooster, ITGlue, and PassPortal.

What is your least favorite chore?

Those chores that I dislike, I try to hire someone to do that really enjoys them.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Johnny Depp. Not only am I fan, but I admire the fact that he accepts roles that are challenging, interesting and not always glamorous. I’ve seen most of his films.

Something that not many know about me…

I am the daughter of an Italian immigrant. My father came to the USA after World War II. His whole family is still in Italy. He’s the only one that came here. He was drafted in to the King’s Army in Italy and sent to North Africa. He was captured and brought to the US as a POW. He met my mother, an American, who worked for the Government Printing Office. They fell in love but the war ended, and he had to go back home. They wrote to each other for 3 years. Then she traveled to Italy and they were married in a bombed out church. After 1 1/2 years, she was pregnant with my oldest brother and they decided to come back to the US. Otherwise, I would have been born in Livorno, Italy.