Meet Nathan: Our Technical Scout

Most of our clients may not have the pleasure of meeting Nathan Kodak. He joined the Howard Tech family in 2014, and just celebrated his 3rd work-versary on November 26th. Nathan’s role is to help our clients with some of the more complex environment set ups, moves, and upgrades. When we are stumped, Nathan is the “go-to” engineer who almost always has an answer. If he doesn’t, he knows where to go to find it! Learn more about him here.

How did you find yourself at Howard Tech?

I’ve been in the IT field for over 20 years. I enjoy working on computers and learning. I do this daily, so I get to do what I love every day. Prior to Howard Tech, I worked for another MSP (Managed Service Provider) as Support and Project Engineer. I am very happy to have found myself here, and to ditch the excessive commute. Two of my favorite things about Howard Tech is that I get to learn about new technology and be a valuable part of an amazing team.

One my proudest accomplishments…

Is earning the respect of my peers in the IT field. Having your opinion valued in this industry is very difficult to achieve. I’m looking forward to getting certified in Aerohive and renewed, enhanced certifications with SonicWALL and VMware.

Things I enjoy outside of work…

Is spending time with my family. I’m recently remarried, with two boys of my own whom are 7- and 10-years old, along with 3 step-children, who are 15-, 17-, and 19-years old. Our two dogs, fish and a snake are also part of the family. I also enjoy playing video games, cooking, working on computers to learn more, and riding my motorcycle. On Sunday, I’m tuned in to the Green Bay Packers game. When it comes to baseball, I’m an O’s fan all the way. I’m also a fan of Diners, Drive-in, & Dives, Master Chef and Master Chef Junior. I’m a fan of the original Star Wars series – episodes 4, 5, and 6.

A survival technique I have is…

Several. I was in Boy Scouts and know several survival techniques. I think everyone should have some sort of training like that. The only “gadget” I could not live without is a pocket knife. I’m sure you weren’t expecting that answer.

Three things on my desk right now are…

  1. Various toys/figurines,
  2. Coffee cup to stay well caffeinated, and
  3. A speaker to listen to music, such as Linkin Park, old Metallica, and Disturbed.

An app that makes my life easier is…

Putty, an application used for connecting to hardware and servers via Telnet, Serial, or SSH. It’s a very versatile tool for my job.

As we head in to 2018, I hope to…

Officially move out of and sell my old house. We moved in to our new home in September. We have a current contract on the old house. Yay!!!

Something that most people may not know about me…

Is that I visited Hawaii in 1988 with my Boy Scout troop while living in California. We earned the money for a two week trip and spent one week on the beach of the Kaneohe Marine Base, and the other week at a Boy Scout camp in the mountains of Maui.

Three people who inspire me are…

My father and grandfather. They have both taught me the value of working for what you want in life.

Elon Musk. He spends his time and money to help improve the world as a whole.

My wife. She has continued to push forward in life and overcome any obstacle thrown at her, be it personal or professional.

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Michelle Pelszynski

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