Meet Logan: Our Rural Visionary Strategist

Logan joined Howard Tech Advisors just over a year ago while finishing his degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment at the University of Baltimore. While still in school, he worked for an IT contractor on an Epic deployment project. It was a very tedious job and Logan realized that he needed variety. His favorite thing about working at Howard Tech is he “gets to work on 5 to 10 different problems in a day, which is a great workout for my brain.” Learn more about Logan here.

My favorite pastime is …

Warhammer. A lot of people don’t know what that is, but it is more than just a board game. You create a world – building, painting the figurines and models yourself. The game can last days or even weeks. If you enjoy playing Chess, a game of strategy, you would enjoy Warhammer. I grew up playing this game with my dad and am trying to get back into it. It’s expensive and not many people can invest that much time. That’s why I have been trying to get my girlfriend interested. She’s slowly starting to like it, which is awesome!

 I was the first one in my family to …

Graduate college. I consider getting my degree at the University of Baltimore as one of my proudest accomplishments. Besides my younger cousin, I was the first one to graduate. And although I may not have pursued a career in my degree, the whole experience of college was an education in and of itself. It taught me about persistence, setting and accomplishing goals, and I still have a passion for it which a lot of people can’t say after studying 4 years of the same subject.

I am also proud of my Senior Project. We worked on it as a team to create the storyline for a follow up of a popular video game – Fallout 3. A lot of our other classmates created a game from scratch, which allows you to use your own coding and systems. We took an existing popular, extremely well-developed game and learned all the systems and coding to create a continuation of it. It was an incredible experience!

I am currently studying for …

My CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) certificate. I am hoping to have it done by the end of the year. I would also like to take some Linux courses.

Three things on my desk …

My coffee cup. I start every day with a strong cup of coffee.

Loot Crate figurines. This is one of those monthly subscriptions for Gamers. It ships directly to me every month and is a crate of pop culture figurines, a house hold item, a comic book, something to wear like a t-shirt or hat and more. I received a David Bowie t-shirt in my first crate and I love it!

My cell phone. I use it for everything, especially Waze. It helped us on our most recent road trip down South.

Something my HTA Team may not know about me …

I grew up in rural Baltimore County and spent most of my childhood playing outside. I still like to be outside, although I wish I had a better sense of direction. I have become so reliant on GPS (HTA’s David Casey or “DC”, also mentioned this) that I don’t know my way around too well. Luckily, one of my favorite hiking spots is pretty straight forward. There’s a beautiful spot along the Gunpowder River called “Hemlock Gorge” or “Paradise” as the locals call it. I try to get out and enjoy nature as much as possible.

Things I enjoy …

Finding new restaurants and food trucks to check out. We recently went to Myth and Moonshine in Baltimore. They have a massive moonshine and cocktail list, and the food was also incredible. I also really enjoy live music. I try to go to at least one concert a month. I have been to Bonnaroo a couple of times, and am still trying to make it to Firefly this year – by far the best lineup. I just finished binge-watching Friday Night Lights. I forgot how great of a show that is. We have also recently watched Stranger Things, The Expanse, and House of Cards.

One food I couldn’t live without …

Sushi. It’s by far one of my most favorite foods. I like it all – the special rolls and Sashimi.

Three people who continue to inspire me …

My parents. They are incredibly hard working and raised 3 kids. My dad didn’t go to college but still managed to run and own a business. He had to learn all of the aspects of business management on his own.

Kristen, my girlfriend. She has been such a great, positive influence in my life. She is not only supportive of my decisions, she is also a wonderful sounding board when I need to bounce ideas around. Kristen is just an all-around wonderful woman and I’m so grateful for her!

My old teacher, Willie. Willie was one of my professors at Carroll Community College. He was an amazing Photoshop artist. He was also great at critiquing – sometimes he could be harsh, but at least I knew he was telling me the truth. After college, I used to run into him at MAGFest. He recently moved to Austin, TX so I don’t see him much anymore.

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Michelle Pelszynski

Michelle Pelszynski

Born and raised in Howard County, Michelle has a passion for writing and serving the community. She enjoys live music, traveling, running, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking with her family. She also has the pleasure of coaching a group of amazing young ladies in the Girls On the Run after school program.

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