Meet David: Our Technical Superstar

DC & Manny CroppedDavid Casey has been with Howard Tech Advisors since October 2016, through the acquisition of Micro Performance Inc. He was most excited to join HTA to meet new clients, and the knowledge-sharing and organization that come from a larger team of coworkers. David’s going in to his 10th year in IT and feels more productive than ever before. David’s commitment to clients is evident to all of those that he helps and some have even called him a Superstar! Learn more about David, or “DC” as he is known around the office.

Technology was introduced…

To me at a very young age. My dad is an electrician so I’ve been in front of a computer for as long as I can remember. I naturally gravitated towards technology. One of my fondest memories and proudest moments is building my first computer, and many more since. I’ve also installed a serious Linux distribution and received awards from programming competitively a few years back. There’s always more to learn and I hope I continue to expand my technical skillsets by working directly with clients to make their lives easier by leveraging technology.

What I hope to learn in the next few years…

I would love to further my tech skills and get certified in Cloud Essentials, Linux+, Project+, Security+, and Server+. With those skills locked in, you set yourself up to go further in any of those directions once you’re well versed in the fundamentals.

Other hobbies I enjoy besides technology are…

I enjoy PC gaming, spending time with my family and friends, heading outdoors, playing kickball, riding my longboard, cooking and reading. One of my favorite hikes is to Jefferson Rock. It’s right along the Appalachian Trail above Harpers Ferry. Thomas Jefferson stood on these rocks (October 25, 1873 to be exact) in awe of the view of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. We also discovered a great waterfall (Bull Falls) along the Shenandoah while whitewater rafting down the river. It’s tucked back and very beautiful and a little adventurous.

I don’t have any kids (yet) but I do have…

A cat named Knives, a turtle named Chip because he has a chipped shell, and a Conure named Manny. (Not to be confused with Howard Tech Advisors’ Manny.) Manny is 9 years old and only knows one word, which I’ll leave out. We adopted him at 6 years old and he already had this word in his vocabulary. Unfortunately, Conures typically don’t learn more than one phrase. If we had him his whole life, he’d probably pick up the word “babe” which is more endearing than the one he knows now. Manny likes hip hop and Katy Perry. (I saw a video of Manny bopping his head to Gang Starr.) He’s also not afraid of Knives. Knives actually runs away from Manny when he tries to get close.

Food I could not live without?

Hot Buffalo Wings and meatloaf. When I went to friends’ houses for dinner as a kid, I used to be so excited if they were having meatloaf. It’s just so good. As for buffalo wings, the best I’ve eaten are probably from Wing Zone in Bowie.

I wish…

I had a better internal navigation system. I’ve been using GPS for 10 years now and certainly don’t know my way around as well as older generations do.

Three people who inspire me…

My Dad. He is one of the hardest working people I know.

My Mom. She passed away when I was really young but not before bringing 6 children in to this world.

April, my Girlfriend. Seeing her work ethic motivates me to be so dedicated to my work. She works in retail – long days, holidays, and takes her job very seriously. That’s pretty inspiring!

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Michelle Pelszynski

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