Don’t Fall For this Voicemail Scam

With so much talk about criminals trying to hack their way in to your accounts via email, let us not forget there are other methods of phishing. This includes web links, digital pop up ads, and even voicemail messages. That’s right.

Recently we received a voicemail message from a gentleman that only wanted to speak to the business owner. His confident and stern cadence came through in the message and very well could have tricked some. Luckily, we know to be cautious. His message:

Hi my name is Curt. This is an important message for the owner. I heard good things about you guys,
I hope it’s true. I really only want to talk to the owner. Give me call on my cell at ###-###-####.
Again, I just want to talk to the owner. Look forward to talking to you. Hope you’re the real deal.

As we always tell our clients, friends, and community members, if you do not know who is calling you, simply do not answer. If anything sounds suspicious in a voicemail, it probably is.


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