Behind the Scenes at Howard Tech

Large screens help our team track response time & ticket status

Have you ever wondered what happens when you email or call in to our Howard Tech Support Desk? We strive for positive client experiences and have processes in place to ensure you receive timely, helpful and successful results as your chosen tech support provider. Our overall process is similar for clients with managed or hourly service contracts (projects or equipment requests are handled a bit differently). Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes and how you can help us, help you!

Service Coordination
A call or email comes into Howard Tech and a service ‘ticket’ is created in our online tracking system. Our Service Coordinator, or dispatcher, reviews each ticket. Depending upon the urgency, it is scheduled to be handled by an engineer within a certain timeframe. If additional details are needed, a call is made to gather specifics. We do our best to categorize estimated resolution time for each ticket.

Service Coordination Screens: shows ticket requests & team schedules

Engineer Assignment
Each day engineers work through their schedule of assigned service tickets. When an engineer arrives to work in the morning, their schedule is already scheduled for the day – they hit the ground running! Each day is a constant juggling act as issues are resolved, new tickets come in, and situations escalate or de-escalate as needed. Our Service Coordinator works with the engineer team to switch tickets or adjust timeframes. Howard Tech engineers work with clients via phone by remote access (computer to computer) or schedule time to assist onsite.

Understanding Priority Levels
There are three basic priorities levels Howard Tech utilizes to categorize service ticket requests.

  • A P1 issue effects every employee at your company. No one can get any work done until the issue is resolved. A P1 is a 2-hour turn-around time (often HTA responds more quickly than that). We escalate this to the top of our list.
  • A P2 issue is specific to one person, preventing that person from working. A common P2 issue would include a password re-set.
  • A P3 issue is non-critical, no work is interrupted, type of request. Examples of P3 situations would include updating a signature line, unblocking websites, or changing email distributions.

Once an engineer finalizes a client service ticket, notes are recorded in the online tracking system, and the ticket is closed out. Should the issue not be resolved, the ticket can be re-opened showing the previous steps taken to solve or troubleshoot the issue. We work together as a team if a situation requires a variety of input and brainpower to fix. Howard Tech engineers enjoy puzzles and problem solving for our clients – not everything is a cookie cutter solution.

We encourage transparency and communication between our team and clients. Howard Tech wants to make sure your issues are resolved timely and effectively.

How You Can Help Us, Help You
In today’s busy and fast paced work days, we need to be efficient since every minute is valuable to you and to us. At Howard Tech we work with a variety of clients every day. Here are some tips our team has shared so we can help you more quickly:

  • Include Details – Please provide as many details as possible when you email or call us. The more specific you can be with the issue you’re having (e.g., power, software, phone, access) allows use to better assess and diagnosis a problem. Be sure to speak clearly, especially when giving your contact information. Include your name (first and last), company name, and contact number(s) to reach you. If there is a certain timeframe you will be available, let us know. We want to return your call and can best do this with all the specifics.
  • Help Us Identify You – Please leave your first AND last name. Some of our clients have multiple employees with the same first name. While we do know many of our individual customers, we want to be accurate by supporting the right person. Leaving your first and last name in your messages will eliminate confusion and save time tracking down the correct user.
  • Best Communication Method – Indicate the best way for our engineer to reach you. It can be email (work or personal), office phone, or cell phone. If it’s one method, or several, it is helpful to know since we are managing several requests simultaneously.
  • Issue Resolution – Lastly, if your issue is resolved before we contact you (this does happen from time to time), it is helpful to know so we can adjust the scheduling. Just call or email us saying it’s been resolved.

This is just a quick snap shot of Howard Tech’s general, everyday service process. Special projects or equipment requests are handled by a team of engineers who work with clients on a longer-term basis over a set time frame. Here are some tips to consider if you’re in the market for an outsourced IT provider. We thank our clients for choosing Howard Tech as your technology service provider.


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