Autism Hiring Program

The Howard County Autism Society announced the recent roll-out of the Autism Hiring Program. It begins virtually at the end of summer 2020 with 5-6 participants. The program was created to address the needs of adults with autism who have high-level, marketable skills and would benefit from skills assessment, interview preparation and social navigation for a more competitive advantage.

The program is sponsored by the Howard County Autism Society with support from Howard County, MD and the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council. Organizational partners include Accessible Resources for Independence, UMBC Training Center and the Maryland Workforce Development Center.

Right now the Autism Hiring Program is identifying and recruiting small to medium sized businesses as partners and getting the word out to applicants (due by 8/15). We hope you can consider participating in this program within your business settings and let others know too! For details on the hiring program – plus the application and program flier – check out the link.16