Before COVID-19, many people had never participated in an online or web meeting.  Within Howard Tech, we seldom conducted internal meetings via camera when we were apart, even though we had all of the tools!  The forced quarantine changed everything overnight and now even our quick conversations are done “in person” via video.  There’s something to be said about the engagement and connection of being able to ‘see’ who you’re chatting with.

By now you’ve likely participated in countless web meetings and maybe you describe every online meeting as “zoom” even when using a different tool.  Regardless of if/when people return to the office, it seems that web meetings are here to stay.

Are you able to participate in online meetings from anywhere?  Yes you can!  We have completed hundreds of support tickets to help people join meetings and are surprised that many don’t know about available mobile applications.  We use Teams, RingCentral and Zoom for our online meetings and each of them has an app for smartphones and tablets.  Our staff is still primarily working from home, but team members are occasionally participating in meetings from a park, car repair waiting room, kids’ sports activities and more.  You don’t need to be on a computer to participate in a web meeting!

If you subscribe to any of these mobile meeting services, you can also launch a meeting from your phone or tablet.  Depending upon the tool and overall solution, the mobile apps support text and/or instant messaging, phone calls, conference calls and more.  We’d like to encourage you to download the mobile app for whatever meeting tools you use and you’ll see that they are very simple to use.  If you can take a work meeting from your backyard, give it a try on your mobile device!

Keep in mind, your device will typically use a wireless network if at home or the office, but the apps work very well over your cell phone carrier’s data network also.  Of course the quality of the video connection will be affected by the strength of the data signal.

Some of us are “too connected” and need to learn to disconnect better.  When you are working, however, hopefully you are taking advantage of the tools available to stay connected in the best method for you.  If you have questions about mobile meeting apps, let us know!