App of the Month: Microsoft “To Do”

Have you heard of the Microsoft To Do App? This app, formerly called Wunderlist was purchased by Microsoft and later rolled into the Office365 suite. Having used Wunderlist for years, I understand why Microsoft wanted to make it part of their product offerings.

To Do is a task list application that syncs across all your devices and allows you to share live To Do lists with others. My wife and I use To Do every day to keep track of what we need from the grocery store. I created a “Groceries” list in To Do, then shared it with her. Now each of us has a “live version” of the list on our phones. For instance, if she adds “garlic” to the To Do grocery list from her phone, it syncs and garlic show up on my phone. This is especially handy when you remember those last-minute items after your spouse is already at the store.

The To Do app allows you to set reminders, automatically repeat items based on time, and assign out tasks to be completed by others. It’s perfect for those “honey-do” tasks or simple reminders for yourself of things that need to be tackled around the house. Another great feature is the ability to break down a task into multiple steps. If your task is to complete is “build a fence”, you can create a sub list for materials needed and even break down each step of the project such as “obtain materials”, “mark off fence”, “dig post holes”, etc.

The To Do application is available on all platforms. Give it a try! I think you’ll find that the To Do app is flexible, easy to use, and a must have for keeping your personal and business life organized and on track.